1. Eye and Ear protection shall be worn at all times on the shooting range/course.
  2. Guns shall remain unloaded and actions shall be open at all times unless on the shooting stand.
  3. Guns shall be pointed down range at all times while on the shooting stand.
  4. Guns shall be unloaded and action open before stepping out of the shooting stand.
  5. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the sporting clay course.
  6. No shooting on LCGC Property will be allowed after consumption of alcoholic beverages.
  7. No shooting at the Lake Charles Gun Club between 10:00 PM and 5:00 AM.
  8. When Shooters are down range replacing targets, lay all guns on the table and step away.
  9. Do not handle or adjust the gun when people are down range.
  10. When you bring a Guest to shoot, please pay for the Guest before you start shooting.
  11. Shooting Rifles or Shotguns on the Pistol Range is never PERMITTED!!!!
  12. When using the range, If Terry or Lee are not here. Please Lock yourself in, do not leave the gate unlocked. Sometimes I show up and the gate is unlocked. This allows non-members to get for free what you are paying for. Let’s all stop the NON-MEMBERS from utilizing our range.


  • Range is Open Mon-Sun 5AM-10PM for Members ONLY
  • Sporting Clay Shooting Days: Tues & Friday 1PM-6PM


Family Membership
Includes Husband, Wife & Kids under 21
Guests $20/Visit
LEO/Military/Fire - Family
Includes Husband, Wife & Kids under 21
Guests $20/Visit
Skeet: $8/round for Members
Skeet: $11/round Non-Members
Five Stand: $9/round for Members
Five Stand: $12/round for Non-Members