6601 Ward Line Rd Lake Charles, LA (337) 513-7447 Mon-Fri: 8AM-5PM

Range Procedures and Safety Rules

 Click HERE to download a copy of the range procedures and safety rules.

The following rules will apply to all shooters participating in any shooting activity at the Lake Charles Gun Club.




  1. It is your range! Keep it Clean. Pick up your brass and put it in the black buckets, Steel & Aluminum cases go in the white trash cans. When you are finished shooting, remove your paper targets and put them in a trash can. If you shoot 20 rounds, then you are responsible for picking up 20 rounds no matter where they fall.
  2. All shooting will be done into the wooden 4x4 frames. if you can't hit the 4x4 impact board frames, you should not be shooting at that yard line. Move down and re-zero the rifle.
  3. Hours of operation may be modified from time to time at the discussion of the Club Management to accommodate shooting events in rifle, pistol or shotgun. When same is necessary, advance notice will be given, if possible, to minimize inconvenience to club members. Membership cooperation in these matters will be most appreciated.
  4. No shooting will be conducted between the hours of 10:00 PM and 5:00 AM unless prior approval has been granted by Club Management.
  5. One Saturday per month is reserved for 4-H events all Day.
  6. The Lake Charles Gun Club shall be closed on Mondays until noon for down range maintenance and mowing.
  7. Membership cards should be carried always.
  8. Eye and Ear protection must be worn always by shooters.
  9. Pistols (Handguns) may be shot on the rifle range at the target stands set-up by the club manager.  Rifles or shotguns cannot be shot on the pistol range under any circumstances. 
  10. Only range frames and steel targets are to be used. No personal frames or steel can be brought in and used at the Lake Charles Gun Club.
  11. Flags for the rifle range are designed to be lowered when hanging or checking targets and they should be raised when the range is ready for firing.  
  12. No targets are to ever be hung on or above the yellow tape. The tape ensures the steel is not shot up and prevents possible ricochets.
  13. You cannot bring your own target stands or use any unapproved items as targets on any of the ranges.
  14. NO BMG .50 caliber gun can be shot at the Lake Charles Gun Club at any time!
  15. Non-members shooting rifles or pistols must be shooting as the guest of a member who is present at the Gun Club and shall pay a daily fee of $25.00 before they begin shooting. The immediate family of members (under 21 years of age) and spouses are considered members. If no member is present the one-day fee for non-member is $50.00.
  16. All members and guest are to check-in at the clubhouse before shooting and check-out before exiting the club.
  17. Any member or guest caught not cleaning up or violating any of these policies are subjecting to forfeit of their membership.
  18. NO LIVE AMMO is to ever go in the trashcans. Misfired ammo should be placed in the 5-gallon buckets so they can be properly disassembled. 




  1. Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun & Archery membership fee is $250.00 per year (full 12 months).
  2. Cowboy Club (Up the Creek Gang), Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters & Active-Duty Military membership fees are $200.00 per year.
  3. Skeet – Trap shooting per box of shells: Members $15.00, Non-Members $20.00.
  4. 5-Stand shooting per box of shells: Members $17.00, Non-Members $25.00.
  5. *Non-member shooting rates for Rifle & Pistol are $25.00 as posted above and a member must be present. If no member is present the one-day fee for non-member is $50.00.




           Members Hours:

Monday thru Sunday 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM


Non-Member Hours:

Monday thru Friday 8:00AM to 5:00PM

Saturday and Sunday only permitted when clubhouse is open.

Call 337-513-7447 for Appt times.




  1. Shotgun shooting will take place Monday through Sunday at the times listed above on the Skeet – Trap fields and 5-Stand field ONLY
  2. NO bird shot shotgun shells are to be shot on the rifle range. Only slugs can be used on the rifle range. Pattern board on field #1 is to be used for any shotgun shooting besides slugs. 




  1. Rifle shooting will take place Monday through Sunday at the times listed above.
  2. Rifle shooting will take priority on all days other than the days listed as Shotgun priority.



Pistol shooting shall take place Monday through Sunday at any times listed above.



  1. Always keep weapons pointed in a safe direction.
  2. Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot;
  3. Always keep actions open and firearms unloaded until ready to use;
  4. Know your target and what is beyond;
  5. All shooting should be done in such a manner that all projectiles will strike one of the backup berms.
  6. Cross-target shooting is not permitted on a rifle range, e.g. all shooting should be done from west to east, so all projectiles should travel in an absolute easterly direction as opposed to northeast or southeast.
  7. Be sure your weapon is safe to operate, particularly in the presence of others;
  8. Know how to operate your weapon safely and insure that those shooters accompanying you as shooters are familiar with gun safety;
  9. Use only the correct ammunition for your weapon;
  10. When shooting more than one firearm, use one at a time and, when finished, store that firearm and its ammunition before using the next one;
  11. Always wear ear and eye protection when shooting or when near other shooters;
  12. Never use alcohol or drugs before or while shooting;
  13. Store weapons so they are not accessible to unauthorized persons;
  14. The shooting of rifles at distances more than 100 yards shall be progressive. That is, the 200-yard target must be shot accurately prior to shooting the 300-yard target – the 300-yard target must be shot accurately prior to shooting the 400-yard target – the 400-yard target must be shot accurately prior to shooting the 500-yard target, and the 500-yard target must be shot accurately prior to shooting the 600-yard target;
  15. Do not handle any loaded firearm while others are down range;
  16. Unload open the action or remove the magazine when walking down range;
  17. Always insure that the “firing line hot” flag is raised prior to shooting;
  18. Shoot only during designated times and days for rifles and pistols;
  19. Repair or replace any target frames that you may damage.
  20. No Rifles can be shot on the pistol range at any time.
  21. Pistols can be shot on the rifle range at the targets pre-set by management.
  22. When anyone is down range lay your gun on the bench and do not touch it, don’t adjust scope, load magazines or anything else. Place it on the bench and back away from it, no touching a gun when someone is down range!
  23. You must pick up your spent shells and place them in the 5 gallon buckets attached to the poles on both rifle and pistol ranges.
  24. You may keep your own spent brass, but, do not take any other spent brass from the range.
  25. We have steel targets at the 3, 4, 5, 600-yard lines. These steel targets can only be shot with 30 calibers or less bullets.




  1. Shoot only within the times prescribed or approved by the club manager.
  2. All shotguns should be either broken open or bolts locked back in the case of semi-automatic shotguns when not on a shooting station;
  3. Shotguns should not be loaded until on a shooting station ready to shoot;
  4. Departing a shooting station with a loaded firearm is absolutely prohibited;
  5. Firearms should always be pointed down range and never in the direction of another shooter, whether loaded or unloaded.
  6. All NSSA and NSCA Rules of Safety should be observed always.




 Cowboy Club is a Members Only Club

Only Lead Bullets Can Be Used On The

Cowboy Action Club Targets


  1. Eye and ear protection must be worn always by shooters.
  2. Only period weapons may be used:
  3. Single action pistol in any of the following calibers: 22, 44, 44/40, 32.20, 45 long colt, 38/40, 38 special.
  4. Lever action rifles in any of the above calibers.
  5. Double bbl shotguns with or without hammers. Auto ejectors are not allowed. No caliber smaller than 20 ga. Or larger than 10 ga.
  6. No shot larger than #4, no magnum loads and only lead shot;
  7. 1897 Winchester pump shotguns allowed.
  8. All ammunition must shoot lead bullets. Jacketed bullets are never allowed;
  9. Guns needed: 2 pistols, one shotgun, one rifle;
  10. Magnum loads are not allowed. It is recommended that you shoot as light a load as possible. (If you reload, check your loading manual);
  11. No spectators allowed on the firing line;
  12. All firearms are to be loaded only on a loading table;
  13. All firearms are to be unloaded on an unloading table;
  14. All rifles are to be carried with the muzzle point up or down with the action empty and open;
  15. No pistols are to be carried away from the firing line unless they have been cleared at the unloading table;
  16. All shotguns must be carried with the muzzle pointed up with the action open and nothing in the magazine;
  17. No fast draw allowed;
  18. All shooters at weekly matches must attempt to be dressed in cowboy dress. Tennis shoes, baseball caps, etc. are not allowed;
  19. Shooting gloves are not allowed;
  20. No high-powered rifles are to be used on the range. No magnum pistol loads are to be used on the range;
  21. All shooters are expected to help put away equipment after any monthly shoot;
  22. Practicing is allowed at all reasonable times, other than match dates, but all rules are to be effective at all times, and practice should not interfere with other events;
  23. No automobiles allowed south of the fence;
  24. All trash and empty cases are to be picked up by the shooter and placed in the trash for disposal;
  25. No alcohol is to be consumed on the range. Anyone found to be intoxicated will be dismissed forever from shooting at the range;
  26. Annual Gun Club dues are fixed at $150.00 per year per family payable to the “Lake Charles Gun Club.” Annual dues for “Up the Creek Gang” are $35.00 payable to “Up the Creek Gang.” Up the Creek Gang Club members are required to pay $10.00 per shoot with $5.00 to the Lake Charles Gun Club and $5.00 to “Up the Creek Gang”.
  27. Non-club members are allowed to shoot only at Bi-monthly matches at a cost of $15.00. $10.00 shall be paid to “The Lake Charles Gun Club” and $5.00 payable to “Up the Creek Gang;”
  28. All members who intend to shoot at monthly matches are to use an alias. It is suggested that each member become a member of NRA and SASS;
  29. No vulgar language is allowed on the range;
  30. Any member who violates the above rules may be banned from the range by the Board of Directors. If a member is banned, all dues previously paid shall be forfeited;
  31. Men, women and children may be members. It shall be the parents’ responsibility for seeing that any children shoot safely and handle their weapons safely. If any member considers any other members to be acting in an unsafe manner, it shall be that member’s duty to politely point out the infraction to the violator. If the infraction continues and it is determined that the member is an unsafe shooter, the Board of Directors may ban the offender from the range for a stated period of time or permanently;